Has anyone noticed better cooling from the newer style radiator? 997-084

From the article, it sounds about the same as the old radiator? 

I’m looking for better cooling (larger radiator)




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    by » 3 months ago

    Hi Nick,

    A larger (coolant) radiator may assist/cure your overheating problems but if you seek advice/suggestions it would be helpful to know:

    #Aircraft type

    #Cowling design (air inlets/outlets/size/location) - photos.

    #Cooling system (including oil) layout/size - photos.

    #Engine 80/100/115 hp

    I see you hail from Seattle, usually bit cooler than New South Wales. Australia. In the 12 months I have had to completely rethink/design my new Sonex cooling system (all good now).

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    Many times cooling isn't about the radiator. It may be cowl air flow, Direction the radiator faces the incoming air flow or hose routing. Hose routing is usually to tight a bend in the hose which reduces the radius and slows the oil flow which raises temps. When I find a hose like this I install a spring inside the hose. Owners have said it dropped their oil temp by 15F - 20F. Some aircraft Mfg's have had this issue and modified their cowls for better airflow.

    Roger Lee
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    Better cooling can be had by optimizing airflow. Get many opinions on your situation.

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