I'm staring down the barrel of my second hose replacement event. The last one was eye wateringly expensive (i.e added 300% to my MPI cost).


I'd like to not have to do this again and I know that on the 912 there is an option to replace the hoses with Silicon hoses which can be replaced on condition...


Does anyone know if this option is available for a 914 as yet? Installation is on a Sling 4.




  • Re: Silicon Hose Replacement for 914?

    by » one month ago

    Hi Mike

    It kind of depends on how you are registered in your country.  In the USA if is an experimental no problem, just do what you need to.  The hoses from the type 915/916 fit for the most part but the collector tank is in a different position from the 914 so precut hoses might not be exact match from those.  If you are registered in the USA as an Special Light Sport Aircraft, SLSA, you will need a letter and instructions from Sling stating it is OK to do this and what are the continued airworthiness checks from that point on.  

    So far there is no direct replacement for a type 914 to the silicone hoses from Rotax. 


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