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    by » 6 weeks ago

    I don't know what the SS503 means, I just know that pump as type 40107 and I have one in my Europa. The pump is only used for t/o and landing and doesn't appear to impede flow when switched off, I don't have a bypass.

    On my Kitfox I had a Facet Gold Top pump but that was long ago, I think the 40107 is normal now isn't it?

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    by » 6 weeks ago

    Hi Mike,

    My understanding is that Rotax have a specific Min/Max fuel pressure recommendation (2 - 7.2 psi?) How you achieve this is at your discretion ie what pump you use.

    (This topic has been well discussed, on this Forum, previously.)

    By chance I came across an article on RV12 pressure problems, very similar to mine.  The recommended/solution was for the installation of a higher pressure Boost pump.

    My original pump specification was Max 5 psi.

    The new pump is a Facet Cube, Part No. 40135, 4-7psi, Flow 121.13L/Hr.

    This pump specification would appear to exceed the Rotax Max psi however with the #35 return line restrictor jet, Max registered pressure is around 5 psi.

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