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    hello everybody,
    i alway's looking after the ICR MANUAL FO 912.
    The french market is not very open for that.

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    My QUESTION is ROTAX 914 oil change for newly overhaul engine or fresh engine start up. using 100LL FUEL?

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    912/914 Overhaul training is highly restricted by the factory (and for good reason!).

    The Canadian Distributor's Training Center (see Rotechflightsafety.ca) is also an authorized overhaul facility, but they rarely ever deliver the overhaul training. The course syllabus is published on their website, and the list of requirements is long - here is an excerpt:

    independent Rotax Maintenance Technician (iRMT)
    Rotax 912 / 914 Overhaul Course Pre-Requisites:

    1. Completion of a Rotax authorized 912 / 914 Heavy Maintenance Course within the last 24 months

    2. Minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience in maintenance of Rotax 4 stroke Aircraft Engines.

    3. In-depth Knowledge of piston powered aircraft engines.

    4. Experience and knowledge of precision measurement equipment.

    5. Applicant must prove he has the facilities, tools and a requirement for overhaul training and meet pre-approval for same.

    Intended Audience:
    Maintenance personnel intending to perform complete tear-down Repair/Overhaul of Rotax 912 and 914 series Aircraft Engines.

    Thank you said by: Capt. Siva,

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    Every other aircraft engine manufacturer out there releases their overhaul manual. What makes Rotax so different? It's not complexity, because a Lycoming TIGO model is just as complex as Rotax, if not more, and they aren't falling out of the sky because of shoddy overhauls. I think it's liability reasons. Even if in the real world no one is going to get themselves killed because they try to follow the manual without proper expertise, Rotax (the lawyers at least, not the engineers) try to claim that they will in order to hold back the information. Ostensibly for our own safety, but common sense and history tell us otherwise.

    I understand that Rotax is afraid of tort, but I don't like the claim that everyone but them are too dumb to do the overhaul.

    Lawyers and the litigious ruin everything. :(

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