I have a Flydat without the reset button, It shows service.
It takes about 30 sec for it to start and also restarts when i start the engine(Maybe because of the volts going down)
I know that cyl 4 egt sender is broken.
I`ve had contakt with a service center that can reset the Flydat.

My questions are???
Is it any use to reset the flydat befor i buy a new EGT-sender?
Will it start up faster after the resetting?

I want to get i more quick to se the oilpressure the first secunds after engine-start
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    by » 13 years ago

    Hi Hans
    It would be better to wait unlil you get the new sender before you reset your system
    The system will take all of 40 seconds to reset and will then come up as soon as you turn it on the service message will be gone
    If you have a low battery then the screen will go blank on start up and the come back
    the word service will come back each time one of your sensor alarms is activated and you will need to reset it again
    There is a tool you can purchase which plugs into the hole in your unit but you can only reset it 19 times and then you will have to take the unit in to be reset
    You should on if near salt air clean the termials on the plug and the computor frequantly as well as thie can creat wrong readings and set off your allarms
    hope this helps you I have had this problem myself

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