912 uls where the radiator hose attaches to the water pump there is a leak. I have tightened the clamp, I have put two clamps on, still no joy. Any suggestions?
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    by » 13 years ago

    Hi Jeffery,

    I would do a couple of things. First make sure the leak is not at the water pump itself. This is important. Here is a secret that will stop many leaks. Place the clamp up near the flared part on the metal tube. Not on top of the flared end, but up next to it. This holds true for the constant compression coolant clamps on top of the engine. Where ever you have a metal tube into the hose place clamps right up next to the flare. It stops most leaks.
    If that isn't the problem then replace the hose. It is a 1" or 25mm. I would also change the clamps.

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