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    Hi Alan,

    I have used Warp on two planes, but in more recent times have changed my mind in the performance arena with some of the newer props like a Sensenich and a few others. Remember warp is a solid prop. It also doesn't have the curvature and twist some of the newer props have. I tested 5 Sensenich against 4 other prop brands several months ago.
    Just talking about a Warp I would not use over a 68" and never a nickle edge blade. Their leading edge tape works just fine.
    The heavier Warp is a little harder on the gearbox on starts and stops, but I doubt you will see but a very small difference in fuel savings, at least one that you could really put your finger on and certainly not 1.5 gph worth. A light composite prop does seem to start and stop easier for the engine. I will say that I tested the 66" square tip Warp against a 68" light composite Sensenich at gross weight in the same plane's (2x 2006 CT's)side by side. Cruise speed seemed to be the same with the WOT setting at 5600 for both. The climb is where I noticed a difference. The Sensenich did quite a bit better in climb. Other props my do better or worse I'm just stating what I found on that individual test. This seems to bear out over the long haul since my 2006 CT has a 68" Sensenich and the 2006 CT in the hangar next to me has the 66" Warp.

    Side note:
    I ran a 66" Sensenich against the 66" Warp in climb with the same results as the 68" Sensenich.

    Roger Lee
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    Tucson, AZ Ryan Airfield (KRYN)
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