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    Hi Angel,

    Do you have the newer style oil pressure regulator cone, spring and plug screw? You need to test the system to see what side is giving you the odd reading.
    You may not missing anything. When the new fuel pumps came into play many read too high. So Rotax in the Bahamas set up a test station. Along the way they found a huge amount of the VDO senders were inaccurate. This may be the reason so many of us have such a varying degree in oil pressures too with the VDO senders. I would personally put a mechanical gauge in line with the VDO sender and run the engine and compare the two. You can make a simple test setup from parts at a hardware store. Just a few brass fittings including a tee so the VDO sender can be used in-line, some copper tubing and a 100 psi gauge. Cost is about $20 and for a quick and easy test setup works surprisingly well.

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