I have an 80hp engine working great. What kind of service do I have to make at 1.000 hours since the overhaul will be at 1.200 hours?

What do I have to do to extend the overhaul ?
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    Hi Juilo,

    This can be a fairly hot topic between Rotax, government regs and owners.It depends too on what country you live in, your individual regs and type certificate aircraft. Your 1200 hr. engine may be a 1500 hr. engine. Your 1000 hr. inspection on that engine should be just like any 100 hrs and or annual condition inspection.You should have already done a gearbox inspection at 600 hrs. A carb rebuild should be done. How long has the coolant been in? Every two years drain and replace coolant. 5 year rubber replacement, including rubber engine mounts. Prop inspections and or replacement depending on years and hours in service.

    Hope this helps answer your question.

    Roger Lee
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    The current Line Maintenance Manual lists a gearbox service at 600Hr (non Slipper) or 1000Hrs (Slipper version).
    With the 80HP slipper version I understand there is an error in the manual which is going to be revised at next issue, & will be returning to a tear down at TBO not at 1000hrs, (unless of course you are using Avgas & need to remove the lead from the slipper clutch). This is subject to correct friction torque measurements & no other indicators of wear/problems which would need dealing with whatever.

    The coolant change that Roger mentions may depend on the coolant installed - Evans is a life long coolant (TBO), & some of the other Glycol long life coolants are 5 year, follow the recommendations of the coolant manufacturer, if in doubt use the 2 year interval.

    The TBO Upgrade requirements can be found in the Rotax Service Bulletins. There are several Bulletins relating to the upgrades, but for the 1200-1500Hr you need to take a look at SB912-041 (& any referenced bulletins within that Bulletin). There are specific references to replacing the gearbox propshaft & dog hub, & replacing the sprag clutch circlip, but the applicability of these depends on your engine configuration & serial number.
    Don't forget the engines have a calendar life as well, yours may be a 12year TBO.

    The maintenance schedule including the 600hr/1000hr items can be found in the Maintenance Manuals which can be downloaded FOC from the Rotax Aircraft Engines web site www.flyrotax.com Use the schedule to record your routine maintenance & it will all become pretty clear.

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