I was out flying on Wedensday after the plane had been on the ground since July 2012. Have tried to sync the carbs and felt comfortabel with the settings I got. Then i whent for a short flight just to check everything. No prolems and then fueld up for a longer flight.

This time after 5 min. in the air I got electrical noise in my headsett and shortly after that the engine startet loosing power... Turned around for the airfield and the engine got the power back. Just a few seconds more and it lost power again and almost stoped for me but again, it came back to life. Soon after this the FlyDat whent dark and never came back. On my way to the airfield the engine lost power but came back again a few times. Well on the ground, a bit shaken, I opend the cowling a checket all wires and electrick systems and found now obvios faults.

So, I started once more and whent for a flight in the vicinity of the field and this 15 minuts flight had no symtoms of the previous flight.

Any ides of what this can be that causes electrical noise in the headsett and loss of power? Thougt it might be som old fuel or sediments in the fuel but this should not cause electrical noise ore the FlyDat to go dark?

Best regards

Ole Chr. Espedal
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    Hi Ole,

    It sure sounds electrical since it included the Flydat. I would certainly check the ground wires and ignition wires. Sounds like something is loose, maybe a broken wire in a connector or corroded. I don't think it's fuel because of the Flydat involvement.Look carefully at each wire as it can be hidden sometimes. My bet is it's something simple electrically, but it just might not be simple to track down. If it's possible start the engine and wiggle some wires and it may show itself fairly quickly.
    On a separate note, If the carbs had sat that long and had been left with fuel in them I would have pulled them and cleaned them. Many times with that kind of down time the idle jet and other small orifices get clogged.

    Roger Lee
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