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    Regarding auto fuel....are you concerned about the alcohol content and thus try to use only alcohol free?




    TBoone Fisher

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    It has been suggested that some SLSA [EASA compliant] built aircraft use wet wing with sealant and that alcohol in mogas may cause tank sealant to fail...

    "...customers who have started to use mogas have reported that sometime after they started to use E-10, they started to have tank leaks"


    Please educate me, tell me about the Decalin Runup and (all Avgas all the time using Decalin) running times TBO/inspections such as gear box inspection and oil changes intervals etc.


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    Hi Kurt,

    Rotax have approved the use of, up to 10%, ethanol blended petroleum fuels (in Australia known as E10).

    This does NOT mean that it is appropriate to use in all Rotax powered aircraft.

    Rotax specifically say your aircraft manufacturer is the guiding authority, on the suitability of using E10 in your aircraft.

    The reason is, as your enquiry alludes, that other parts of the fuel system, supplied/installed by the manufacturer, tank/pumps/fuel lines /etc, may be adversely affected by the ethanol component in the fuel.

    If you are concerned about your aircrafts suitability to use E10 - contact your aircraft manufacture for advice.

    As I don't use AvGas, in my aircraft, I have no use for Decalin.

    My understanding is Decalin is a chemical fuel additive, that aids in the  scavenging of lead found in AvGas - https://www.southwestairsports.com/ppgtechinfo/top80/hrservicenotes/fueloilspecs/05-01406tds.pdf

    Note: Rotax 9 engines are designed to run on unleaded auto fuels. The use of AvGas is permitted but when used, the recommended oil change interval is reduced from 100 hrs to 50 hrs and the gearbox inspection interval from 1200 hrs to 600 hrs


    "AVGAS 100LL places greater stress on the valve seats due to its high lead content and forms increased deposits in the combustion chamber and lead sediments in the oil system."




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