I have a question maybe someone can answer.

I have a certified Rotax 912S on an S-LSA.
Needless to say it's overkill. I'd never fly in IMC conditions nor do I plan to get IFR certified.

However, it costs me 30% more to get certified parts for it and the TBO is 1500hrs instead of the 2000hrs (912ULS), not to mention waiting for an A&P instead of an LSRMA who is readily available.

So my question is...how can I "de-certify" my engine and fly it as a 912ULS instead of a certified 912S engine.
Do I need permission from the manufacturer or distributor or is there any other process to do this.

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    You can convert the whole airplane from a S-LSA to an E-LSA via an FAA paperwork process. However, once converted, the plane can never again be a S-LSA. There are Pros and Cons with either certification.

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    "the plane can never again be a SLSA."

    The old rule of thumb: Never say never.

    An SLSA that went to ELSA can in fact go back to SLSA, but only if the MFG is willing to sign it off as such. No SLSA MFG would take that liability because they would have no idea what was done to the plane while it was in ELSA owner hands. Most people that go from SLSA to ELSA do so because they want to do their own thing and not follow the SLSA rules.

    I know of no SLSA MFG that has ever allowed this to happen nor any owner that has ever wanted to go back.
    For all intents and purposes it is a done deal once converted to ELSA

    But legally it can be done.

    Roger Lee
    LSRM-A & Rotax Instructor & Rotax IRC
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    Thanks. But the question was related to the engine. Not the airplane.

    Most of the S-LSA's have the 912ULS engine. I don't know why mine has the 912S version. Maybe it was lying around :)

    I know that the certified IFR airplanes like the Tecnam P2006T use the 912S engines but my S-LSA is a day/night VFR only airplane.

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