Hi. I installed to my engine airbox and 2 egt sensors (I bought new set from UK probes+double gauge).
Probes are installed on distance from manual on cyl 3, 4.

When installed airbox I had to change jet's in carburetors form 158 to 155.
After all I found that during flight (cruise is 5200rpm) I have high egt ~ 850*C. I did some flights and was still high. In limit but without any reserve.

I decided to go back to 158 size jets. I changed them, rebalanced carbs and... it's completly no difference.
I can see only +2lph in fuel flow but egt still high. Look attached photos, flights made in similar conditions ~+1*C 1000ft amsl. Why there is no reaction after changing jet's when fuel flow is higher (normally egt should be lower).

ScreenShot2017-12-17at14.50.01.png (You do not have access to download this file.)
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