Fun questions to stimulate and educate for the 912 engine.

If you don't know these that's perfectly ok and the answers are in the Rotax maintenance, Parts, Installation, and Operators manuals.

I’ll post the answers in a few days and if you get a correct answer before then I’ll let you know. If you happen to know them all just answer a few and leave a few for some of the other members.

Don’t be bashful this can be fun and we will all learn something.

The most important thing is to have a little FUN!

1. What is the firing order for the Rotax 912? answered

2. What is the oil content of a 912 engine? answered

3. What type of oil sump is used on the 912? answered

4. What is the integrated alternator output? answered
5. What do the crankshaft drive gear and the dog gear have in common? answered
6. What is the 5th trigger coil pickup used for? answered
7. How is the oil returned from the crankcase to the oil tank? answered
8. How are the cylinder heads on the Rotax 912 cooled? answered
9. What is the cubic inch displacement of the Rotax 912? answered
10. What is the accepted gearbox friction torque, upper and lower limit? answered
11. What is the gear reduction ratio for the 912S series? answered
12. What does the cylinder head temperature sender measure? answered
13. Where on the engine is the manifold pressure taken? answered
14. What do the oil temp and cylinder head temp senders have in common? answered
15. On the carb, lifting the jet needle from the second to the third notch will do what? answered
16. What type of Loctite is recommended for sealing the gearbox surfaces?
17. If you do not have a tight seal on the top of the carb what will result?
18. What is the start up timing for the Rotax 912?
19. What is the torque for the 912 spark plugs?
20. What are the new spark plug gap settings? answered
21. How many double ignition coils are necessary to operate the 912 engine?
22. What does CDI ignition stand for?
23. How many charging coils are used on the Rotax engine ignition system?
24. How often should the coolant be replaced? answered

Extra credit:
25. Through where does the vacuum in the venturi activate the carb piston and diaphragm assembly?
26. What will occur if the crankcase locking pin is removed and the bolt is not installed in its place on the crankcase and the engine is started?
27. What type of coating is on the 912 cylinder walls?
28. Why are you not allowed to rework the valve surface on the Rotax 912?
29. How is the correct pressure established in the carb float bowl and by what method?

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