I do not understand how a bad gearbox can cause hard starting. One would think that a slipping gearbox would allow the engine to rev up faster and start easier. Can someone explain this to me?
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    One misconception: the clutch does not slip in normal operation, only with a prop strike, and just slightly at shutdown.
    Once the gearbox get loose (springs no longer exerting enough pressure on the freeplay between the dogs) the dogs will slam back and forth with the piston pulses and inertia of the prop.
    This gives a kickback just as the combustion process is trying to fire. With a really loose gearbox it is almost impossible to start.

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    Hard starting common causes are:
    Weak or too small a battery,
    Carbs not synced,
    Plugs too wide a gap,
    Old black starter (it is worth your while to get the newer high torque gold colored starter),
    engine temp just too darn cold,
    poor starting technique,
    or a combo of any of the above.

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