Hi all,

Looks like I have the dreaded CDI fault. Started ok when the ambient temperature was +25C. Under 20C won't start, but after heating the modules with a hairdryer the engine starts immediately. I suppose I have two options. Either buy new ones or send them to the Netherlands to be repaired. Which option do you recommend? The repair seems to be about half price compared to new ones. Are there enough benefits in buying new units to justify the extra investment?

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    by » 3 weeks ago

    Hello Harri

    I had the same problem with my modules, I had them repaired by Carmo but the problem returned. I was fed up with the poor Ducati quality. Now I have new modules from http://www.ignitech.cz/en/  These modules are state of the art and very cheap (€158,-- a piece). There is a small computer inside and You can remap them yourself if you want. Ignitech supplies them in all connector configurations. There is an extra possibility to put 12V on before starting to start at the first turn. Downside is they are in a different case not compattibele with the Original. The electrical leads on them are much longer so I mounted them behind the firewall in a much better environment. 

    Hans, MCR4S PH-SKY


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    Sounds pretty interesting, Hans!

    Which mmodule exactly did you choose and what connector did you order. Pls. specific with their order numbers to make sure there is now confusion.

    I understand they offer all sorts of connectors for the modules. Perhaps one can specify the length of the wiring, too.

    Sounds like a good deal.



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    Hi Hans,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I have heard from others too that in some cases the repair works but in others the fault returns. Sounds like a good idea to place the modules away from heat and vibrations. Were the modules custom made for you by ignitech? I have the old 4 pin versions, p/n 865358 which have been superseded by 865446.




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    by » 5 days ago

    Plenty of people experienced failure of Carmo repaired modules I am afraid. including me.



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    I had the same problem, starting kept getting worse put ice on modules startied instantly, sent off to Lockwood Aviation for testing and found both to be bad, these were 2006 , they would not fire until 2000 rpm the 912  @ start the rpms are no where near that, they should start firing @ 265 rpms, was thinking Carmo but spent the money for the new soft start modules from Lockwood ,(rotax) about 930 a pop, all in about 1900, and I can say I’m glad I did! Starts flawlessly every time and love the soft start feature. 

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