Who can give me sound advice?

In short:

I was making a flight to France and Spain (departed in Holland), no issues, but when I was planning to fly home I didn't get full power, engine sounds like it has fuel starvation.

 I read a lot of posts on this problem, it seems that the tcu doesn't give the signal to the solenoid (the solenoid works, I tested it seperately with direct battery connection), the engine is kind of surging, when I disconnect the solenoid and connect the vacuum lines with a T piece, I can throttle up without any problem. 

Tommorrow I will replace the gaskets on the float bowls to be sure, but I desperately want to fly the plane back..

Can I convert this 914 to a normally aspirated engine like the 912 and fly home? Advice is very much appreciated.

Kind Regards, Renz

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