Hi everyone

I have a 912s at 325 hours. Just had my carbs serviced and rebalanced but now my oil temp is running at 110 deg C

egts are at 680 and water temps at 90

oil temp before carb service was 95. Is there a connection or suggestion on trouble shooting




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    by » one year ago

    Nobody around to crack this nut?

    I once had a significant rise in oil temp due to a defect of the rubber part holding the carbs in place allowing uncontrolled side-airflow. This I‘d interpret as to give a too lean mixture which does not necessarily lead to high temps, doesn’t it?

    How are chances that higher than earlier ICP leads to some sort of blow by of hot gas to an increase of oil temp? Can that be effected by a changed carb set up?

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    by » one year ago

    Here are my thoughts. Is it genuine high temperature? Are there any problems with the temperature sensor or the gauge or wiring? Does the oil look hot in the oil tank? If it is, it is usually very thin on the dip stick.

    If you believe it to be a genuine temperature issue then I would look at the cooling circuit, if that is not working well that will result in high oil temps but not necessarily excessive coolant temps. If you are consuming oil then you could check the crankcase pressure, just fit a pressure gauge in place of the crank locking-pin hole. The max pressure (0.45 bar) is in the installation maintenence manual (section 1.3), it isn't very high and you can use a standard carb balancing gauge.

    Are any of you oil hoses kinked or compressed? Is your oil cooler blocked either externally or internally. If you remove it and blow out the oil, there should be very little resistance if you blow through it by mouth.

    I cannot see how servicing the carbs can result in high oil pressure as your only symptom. It could just be coincidence.

    I would be interested to know the outcome to this problem.

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    by » one year ago

    Alex, what happens to the temps if you fly about on one mag circuit only?

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