Hi All

I have installed Rotax 914 on my light support Aircraft with total engine runtime 45 hours. The aircraft made a smooth take-off and everything was going well until altitude 10,000 Ft. Soon after we climbed to higher altitude from 10,000 Ft to 14,000 Ft, we engaged throttle to 95%, all the EGTs got shootup above 950 deg C, with EGT2 & EGT4 in particular rising to 970 degC. Other temperatures were as follows:

Ambient Air temp: 10-15 deg C

CHTs: 105 deg C

Engine Oil Temp: 100 deg C

Airbox Temp: 65 deg C

Fuel Flow Rate: Normal (No RPM fluctuation, no fuel flow fluctuation)

Now I don't understand what problem has got to happen with EGTs when all other temp data is normal. Are the EGTs a function of wastegate and turbo operation? Or it has got to have some linear relation with throttle? Please suggest some remedy. Thanks

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