Hi, I have had issues on and off since I purchased my 601 HD. Takeoff - 1st start of the day is fine after warm up, land away and after short stop (engine still warm) take off again, on the climb out starts runing rough. Tried each mag seperately problem still persists, level out and issue seems to get better or stop. I have changed plugs, set gaps, check resistence of coils, new Rotax supplied floats in carbs, (weight 6.5g per pair), needle valve seals fine with fuel pump on, so no leakage past that, new rubber flange from carbs to intake, good fuel etc..

Obviously once you land the issue has gone and nothing to see, to me it sounds like some sort of fuel problem as switching mags makes no difference, engine has only done 220 hours, can anybody sugest something different from what i have already tried above? 

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