Hi all,


Been reading some about mcfarlane throttle spring and am interested i trying them. According to their website they have 2.1 To 2.7 lbs pull vs the rotax that has over 8lbs.

My throttle is pretty hard to pull to ideal and needs to be locked really hard so it doesn't creap. Mcfarlane has the vernier style throttle but wanted to try this first.

Only issue is that they were breaking in 2017. It seems like they originally had a light and med spring and the light spring was the one that was breaking from what I am reading.

Since I'm not 100% sure about that, and not hearing any rotax springs ever breaking, I was wondering if anyone ordered 2 more choke springs and used them for throttle springs. They seem to be weaker and only a 1/4 inch shorter.


Any help or thoughts would be appreciated



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