I have a 912 that cranks the prop 1/4 turn and acts like the engine binds up.

The last flight of this aircraft was uneventfull on start up, flight and shut down. The battery was removed to put in a earthx battery for upgrade and now the starting problem has begun. We tried removing the earthX and placed in the old battery, that is still good and was charged up, and still no crank past 1/4 turn. The battery reads 12.8 volts at rest and when cranking reads 10.8 volts at the starter. While cranking it feels like the starter is spinning but the prop will not turn more then 1/4 rotation. 

We replaced the starter and solinoid and still have the same problem. Any ideas?, we are leaning towards the sprag clutch but there has not been any kick back to damage it.

The aircraft owner has had a problem with kick back before and had the sprag clutch replaced several hundred hours ago and now knows how to keep from damaging the sprag clutch. 

Any help is much appreciated. 

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