I'm nearing tbo and would like to replace the 912 with a 914. Does anyone have any insight on whether that can be done on a bed mount like this? (See pics). It seems like the only thing that needs to be accounted for is minor change in the exhaust/headers, and turbo location. I've read through the installation manual and it appears that the exhaust is allowed to be modified within certain parameters, but am not sure if anyone has experience with this or if Rotax can offer any insight. I'm looking at purchasing a factory new 914 for this purpose. Any advice is appreciated!

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    by » 3 months ago

    Hi Howard

    The 914 comes with standard mount frame from factory so should fit straight in.

    Ive just pulled 912 off and fitted 914 - A cool project on a Sling 2

    I would talk to the Paradise manufacturer and see what they suggest first. 

    You might have to get radiator cooling pipes and route to suite different exhaust system. I got all this in a kit from the factory. 

    Throttle quadrant requires changing out, install two electric fuel pumps and wiring to suite ECM etc.

    The install manual from ROTAX is very good and worth a read before starting your project.

    I strongly recommend you get a Rotax Tech to set parameters, check the install and register the unit for warranty.

    The improved performance is well worth the time spent !          

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    by » 3 months ago

    The Rotax 914 engine requires the Ring Mount due to the turbo mounting system and it would be MUCH easier for you to convert your existing airframe mount to accept a ring mount then go the other way round (Ring mount to Bed mount) The Ring mount is also a much superior mounting system over a bed mount. The engine cowl may also require modifications to accept a 914.

    Talk with your airframe manufacture and see what they offer in regards to mounting a 914 to their airframe OR if they even allow it. 


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    by » 3 months ago

    Great thanks for the feedback. They do allow a 914 but weren't able to offer any sort of mounting information. The company has since been taken over and the new company is still providing support, but hasn't been able to provide me with a ring style mount for the install yet. Good to know that I should go for a ring mount vs trying the other modifications. Will keep you posted, thanks!

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