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    A couple more things on oil hoses and fittings:

    Rotax provides the 912 with either AN-08 or Metric style oil fittings on the engine, oil cooler and oil tank. You can identify these by looking at them.  The metric fittings have a convex cone on the hose fitting that fits into a concave socket on the engine side.  The AN-08 fittings are the opposite, they have a concave socket on the hose end fitting that fits over a convex engine side fitting.  The metric fittings work best with the 12mm hose, and the AN-08 fitting use the 12.5mm hose.  The industry considers 1/2" and 12.5mm hose as the same.

    I have seen where some folks have used 12.5 mm (1/2") hose on the metric fittings and then just clamped them down a bit more. Its an easy mistake, but they will likely end up leaking a some point. The 12mm hose fits the metric fittings perfectly. 

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