Hi folks,

It's time to replace the exhaust in my 912ULS and doing some research I found this website that sold it for a quite competitive price: http://www.rotax912exhaust.com/en/

Anyone here using them and able to provide some feedback?

Another question: I've seen a lot of exhausts using springs whilst mine uses screws/bolts (with flexible tube). Any opinion on what works best or advantages/disadvantages of one option over another?

Thank you very much,


  • Re: Replace exhaust on 912ULS

    by » 3 weeks ago

    I am needing exhaust for my Rotax also . I seen their web site and like the look of their product . However , I sent them a message and have not yet heard back . Is there any other good sources for exhaust systems for the Rotax . 

  • Re: Replace exhaust on 912ULS

    by » 3 weeks ago

    We ended-up not buying a new but repairing the existing one instead. We found that the kind of repair is exactly the same applied to car/bike exhausts and there're shops specialised in this kind of repairs. Clearly the cheapest option in case it applies. In our case they did a full muffler cut to reach the breach, then repaired it and closed it again. All these for less than $50 and flying silently since then ;-)



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