Hi all,

I have a 2002 Rotax 912 ULS with the 6+4+1 pin ignition modules with a conair sports soft start module on the A circuit and the B module is disabled (grounded on rotary starting switch) when starting.
Now that it is getting colder, it is very hard to start the cold engine on just one ignition circuit.  (No problem starting with warm engine)
Once it runs, it is acting normal, so just a slight rpm drop when switching to only one circuit, so I suppose that both modules are still good.

I was thinking of replacing them with the IgniTech modules to have both circuits enabled at starting.

My question are:

- Is this just straightforward or does anything else have to be replaced like flywheel, pickups ....  ?

- Will I have soft start on both modules?  (I suppose that the original newer 6-6 pin modules have the soft start and are both used when starting the engine)

- Any other advise or suggestions are welcome.

Many thanks in advance!


Walter Abrahams  
WaltSoft Software Solutions

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