Looking for some help with my 912ULS that has about 400 hour tach time on it in my 2014 RV-12.

Problem:  Had to abort take off due to vibration with engine just after fueling up on a hot/humid day 91 non-ethanal.  Noticed RIGHT side EGTs drop.   Did a few more runs and issue persisted.  Parked aircraft, sumped fuel, let cool and did several high speed taxis without issue.  Flew plan back no issues.  1-2 flights after, not as hot out side, no issues.  Fast forward a few days 85-90 degrees out same issue was observed with vibration.  Plane was left to cool and flown back without issue.

Myself, CFI, and another very highly experienced RV-12 CFI observed this on 2 separate occasions on HOT days (85+) after flying around a bit, then landing.   I've observed my oil temp reaching 230 (yellow) and I reduce my climb rate to help cool the engine, no issues observed.  Both times this has been observed was on the ground during hot conditions after flights.  The other CFI had to sit on the ground for 10+ minutes minimal wind and observed the CHTs getting in the yellow and then had the issue on the take off roll. 

I recognize that we've got to watch the oil/CHT temps during hotter summer days.  This is an SLSA that is used for primary training and Im a Light Sport Repairman, so im limited to approved parts/procedures.  

My thoughts were initially it was fuel contamination and/or pre-ignition/detonation due to the higher oil/CHT temps.  

I'd like to know what some thoughts are on things I can do/check to resolve this?  Possible root causes?







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