Hi. I have a 914 and find the turbo boost has become intermittent, mostly not producing an MAP above standard atmospheric pressure (say 28"). But last time I started the engine, warmed it up and ran the RPM up to 5,600 static with the aircraft tied down, the MAP did not go above 28".   After removing the spring and cable from the external lever, the lever rotates back & forth SUPER freely and (before I remove the muffler to inspect inside the chamber) I thought I would ask if anyone knows if it is possible for the external  lever underneath the turbo chamber (that the spring and cable connects to) that is attached to the shaft that goes through the chamber, can come adrift from the actual waste-gate (internal butterfly/valve) on the inside end of the shaft ??. (I hope I am not confusing anyone).

As mentioned above, (with the spring and cable disconnected from the external lever under the chamber) and I simply flick the lever with my finger, the lever swings back and forth so freely that I suspect the lever & shaft is Not connected to anything inside the chamber. In other words the external lever swings back and forth to easily (in my opinion) with just a light flick of my finger.

So my question is, (while I don't know what the internal workings/mechanics of the waste waste-gate looks like) can the actual internal waste gate (butterfly/valve) break away from the shaft connecting the internal waste-gate to the external lever ?



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