Wondering if ok to run 93 octane, down from 98, in my 914, it is fitted with a intercooler and has a temp readout of the air box , it rarely gets over 40c , I understand that high temps can cause detonation which the engine is protected through the TCU , some of the place I fly don’t have the higher octane.

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    Hi Greg,  Minimum octane rating for the 914UL is 91 AKI octane or 95 RON octane.  93 RON would not be acceptable.  The TCU cannot sense detonation therefore it would not provide protection.  

    The TCU will reduce boost if manifold air temperature is above a given threshold, but it was calibrated with 95 RON octane, not 93 RON.   95 RON is the absolute least octane number that is safe.    

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