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This is a continuation of my other topic on Ignitech Ignition Modules

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  • Re: Ignition modules 6-4-1 pin to IgniTech modules (2)

    by » 2 years ago

    Hi all,  a little follow-up.

    After about 35 engine hours of use (about 8 months) one of the Ignitech modules got faulty.
    At first engine start it works, but the engine runs rough and after less than a minute it stops working entirely.

    Shipped it back to the factory and hope to get a replacement soon.
    Meanwhile I replaced it with the original rotax module.
    As a side note, when switching circuits, the Ignitech runs much smoother than the rotax one on low RPMs!

    Does anyone know of an Ignitech module which went U/S and maybe what could have been the cause? 

    Walter Abrahams  
    WaltSoft Software Solutions

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