I’m wondering if the expiration date of a 912UL2 is calculated from manifacture date or first start.

A 2003 engine appears to be first installed on a 2013 UL.

reading the Rotax manual a find that the maximum storage time is 2 years. 


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  • Re: Manifacture Date / First Start

    by » 11 months ago

    The Rotax engine is not subject to a specific "shelf life," as its calendar duration begins with the first start-up. However, this assessment is also influenced by the manner and location of the engine's storage.

    In cases where an engine has remained inactive for a decade, it would be advisable to have it inspected by a local Rotax repair or service center.

    To locate nearby Rotax dealers, you can utilize the Rotax dealer locator available here: Rotax Dealer Locator

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