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I noticed something for the first time, that I am not sure is normal behavior.  I wanted to throw it out to the group for thoughts.

A few days ago, we were attempting to pull engine logs via BUDS.  The software was acting up and we never got logs pulled.  During the process of trying, we were told to turn ECU off and wait, then to turn ECU on and wait.  This was to put the system in maintenance mode, if I understood.  

Since that failed attempt, I have noticed that when starting up, if I turn on either Lane A or Lane B, BOTH lights illuminate.  My normal process is to flip them almost simultaneously, so this may be something that always has happened, but I never noticed it before now.  

Is this "normal" behavior, or an indication of something amiss.  When both Lane Switches are on, the lights both go off in a few seconds, as expected.  

Thanks for any advise on this.


Harry Burnette


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