A couple of months ago I purchase two new ignition coils (966 218) for my Rotax 912 ULS from a Rotax distributor here in the US. The coil assembly includes the coil itself as well as an extension wire with a connector pin crimped on the end. The extension wires are too short for a proper install so I went in to replace the extension wires with longer ones. When I removed the heat shrink tubing over the field solder splice I found this really poor soldering job underneath. A photo of what I found is attached. All four field joints were of the same poor quality.

I consider these parts as not safe for flight. I am glad I found these and fixed them.

The distributor told me that they receive the ignition coils from Rotax with the extension wire and crimp pin already installed. BTW, two of the four crimped pins pulled off in my hand. I was wonder what the experience of other Rotax owners and maintainer is. If you have purchased replacement ignition coils you might want to inspect them next chance you get.


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