During take off yesterday I advanced the 914 throttle to 115%, MAP initially rose to 41" (as it always does) but a second or so later it dropped along with my RPM. My takeoff RPM is typically around 5240-5280, and it appeared to stabilize around 4800. I believe the MAP settled around 32-34". I was able to pull the throttle out of indent and then re-advance to 115%, MAP and RPM were back to normal. I started questioning whether my throttle lever was really at full power the first time, so I flew the pattern and did a touch-and-go. Upon second takeoff, the same thing happened. This time when I attempted to re-advance throttle, it rose momentarily and then backed down.

Is what I'm describing indicative of a stuck waste gate? Or is this a fuel issue? I saw no abnormal changes to fuel PSI, but I don't trust my readings there (whole other story). I'm a new 914 owner, so just trying to figure out what to look at first.

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