I had a 912ULS engine that I ran for nearly 1000 hours. It ran smooth as a babies butt and troublefree all that time. Of course I maintained it per the book and kept the carbs perfectly synced all that time. Only one thing I didn't do per the book; I never removed the carbs for disassembly/inspection at the 200 hour recommended intervals. The only thing done to them in 1000 hours was replacement of the sockets and the diaphragms at the 500 hour rubber replacement interval, and of course the carb sync check/adjustment every 100 hours. I did remove the float bowls every 100 hours to check for debris and float weight (never needed to replace the floats).

The reason I am saying all this is: Am I putting myself in any danger by ignoring the 200 hour carb removal/inspection? I believe in the Mike Busch philosophy of "On Condition" maintenance and "Don't fix it if it ain't broke". Surely I would start to get some prior warning of rough running if something in the carb was starting to malfunction, rather than a sudden complete failure. I have read on this forum of many, many engines that were running perfectly prior to a "routine" 200 hour carb removal and/or rebuild that had serious rough running problems after reinstallation.

Am I missing something here? What do you think of my carb maintenance philosophy?

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