Hi guys - I have a new to me experimental with a 914. It has the external alternator and internal alternator running on two separate batteries and busses. Internal alt is working fine, however, the external appears to shutdown and back on randomly (more off than on) at all rpm settings. when it turns off/on I can hear what sounds like a relay clicking but have been unable to locate the relay.

any idea where to start trouble shooting?


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    by » 11 months ago

    Steve this is an aftermarket product made by B&C and you should contact them.  It depends on the wire system the builder used.  Sounds like they used the split buss, one for each.  That makes some sense since the interenal is a generator and the external an alternator (my electrical buddies know the differences)  The type 914 has a lot of loads for normal operation and it sounds like the external is only coming on when it is seening a heavy load. (?) 

    B&C have a good web page and lots of support documents, I would start there. 




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    by » 11 months ago

    Thanks, I’ll take a look at their documentation and reach out.

    good question on load, voltage doesn’t seem to drop below 12 volts so don’t get a voltage warning. I also leave my batteries on a trickle charge in hangar so after startup there is not much load. Need to do more testing I guess.

    thanks again! 

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