I recently replaced my old 914 with a new one (1300 hours and low compression).  I now have about 20 hours on it.

My old 914 EGTs were all similar, in  typical flight at 31 in MP, 5000 rpm, EGT 1 1370, EGT 2 1357, EGT 3 1393, EGT 4 1344 and fuel flow was 5.9 gph.

The new 914 front EGTs are colder than the rear. 31 in MP, 5000 rpm, EGT1 1241, EGT 2 1358, EGT 3 1452, EGT 4 1462 and fuel flow was 6.1 gph.

The difference in EGT concerns me.  Needles are set on position 3.  Using the same EGT probes and GRT EIS.

The higher fuel flow may be the new engine has more friction and will loosen up in the future.

Should I be concerned? What to check?

Jim Butcher


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    by » 12 months ago

    I have an older 914 also and I believe they’re setting one carburetor needle on two and one on three per the manual. Something about the intake design.

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