I'm having alot of issues with the egt sensors on my 912 is. Egt 3 is consistently sitting well above the others often resulting in the high egt temp alarm going off. However at room temperature all other egts sit at a reasonable range while egt 3 is way up at 65 degrees c. Initially I though bad sensor however when swapped out with another good one egt 3 continues to read around the same temperature. Unsure as to why this is. Is this in the ecu firmware? Or is this some sort of calibration issue? Or perhaps the wiring back from the egt sensor? 


I would like to upload the logs however I'm having trouble getting them as I can't get past the part where it asks you to enable maintenance mode. The box asks me to switch in the ecu which I do and the light indicates I am in maintaince mode however the computer fails to continue to the next step. This has worked in the past however no longer is.




Cheers Harry

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