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So the fuse box for the 912iS has a long row of green LED lights. Even when my master power switch is turned off, this long row of LED lights remain lit. Is this normal? This is my first iS and it's in an Aeroprakt A22.


Sid Lloyd
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    The engine will be power under 3 conditions.
    1. It is running.
    2. Start Power is applied.
    3. Backup/Emergency Power is applied.

    I will assume the engine is not running when you are looking at the lights.
    Start power should only be applied Immediately before an engine start and removed a few seconds later.
    Backup/Emergency Power is normally only applied in the event of a double generator failure.

    Both START and BACKUP Power connect to the Fuse Box through the Round X3 connector. The Right-Most one of the three.
    If the Lights go out with the X3 connector disconnected, check to see if the Start Power or the Backup Power Switches are ON.

    If you have a Key Switch that is OFF-ON-START, it may need to be set to the OFF position when not actually starting.

    When the lights are ON the engine sensors are Powered,
    If it isn't running, the Battery is being drained.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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