Found significant metal flakes on the mag plug of my 2016 912iS Sport at the 125-hour oil change. Removed and inspected gearbox to find multiple issues, planning to replace with the new design gearbox. There are two part numbers for the 912iS gearbox listed on the 2-1-19 parts list:

893341 = Gearbox Version 2
893346 = Gearbox Version 3

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between these two gearboxes for my 912iS Sport engine?

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    by » 6 months ago

    Follow-up, I've discovered that 'Version 2' in the parts list for the gearbox refers to a 'hollow' prop shaft for non-hydraulic-adjustable props. 'Version 3' in the parts list for the gearbox refers to a hydraulically adjustable prop shaft.

    Further, all new 912iS gearboxes should be SN 74000 or later, indicating that they include the new oiler design.


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    New to the 912iS and doing some research. I take it from your comment that gearboxes have their own serial number. I have my engine serial number but not the gearbox s/n. Is the gearbox s/n listed on one's documentation somewhere or do I need to inspect the gearbox to find it? Might Rotax have the gearbox s/n available somewhere if I have the engine s/n?



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    You can inspect the gearbox to see its part number and its serial number. If it's a newer engine ( last ten or twelve years - so certainly any iS qualifies) then the original factory gearbox serial can be looked up based on the engine serial number, along with the original part serials of various other major components. If you post me your engine serial number I can have a look. The factory only has records of your "original factory-installed" part serials - if it was changed out sometime along the way, the factory has no way of knowing what's in there now. (Mind you, if such work was done, then it should be documented in the engine log book...)

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    The engine was purchased in 2017 so that should qualify as a newer engine. The s/n is 7703433-H62243. It is still new-in-box. Appreciate the help!


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    7703433 was produced 02-Nov-2015

    Engine Type 
    912 iS2 Sport

    Original Factory Configuration
    Version 2 with clutch, i=2,43
    without vacuum pump drive
    without air guide baffle
    with screw connection UNF
    Fuel pump UNF
    with engine truss
    with exhaust system

    Its original factory gearbox was serial number 66224 
    Its original factory gearset was serial number 15.1722


    PS: I see that your engine has never been registered! I suggest you visit this page for a walkthrough of the online registration process: https://www.rotax-owner.com/en/rotax-blog/item/50-online-ac-engine-reg


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