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Recently Rotax has announced development of a generator to convert the full power of 912iS and 915iS engines into electrical output. This is

fitted with SCU- System Control Unit for 912/915iS developed by RSFS. The generator is developed by Compact Dynamics.   

My questions are:

1. Does anyone of you have experience of electrically  powered aircraft/helicopter with Rotax engines ? If so, which company's design is it?

2. The CD generator of RSFS system weighs reportedly 48.5 Kg. If so, is it useful for use on aircraft/helicopters? 

3. Launchpoint Technologies has developed a lightweight generator for 582 engine, which weighs only 5.5 Kg. Has anyone used it with Rotax engines?

Request sharing of information to understand if it is worth moving from traditional engines to electrical ones, from technical benefits angle (like remote control/weight reduction/ payload increase etc), even though it could be expensive. 

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  • Re: SCU- System Control Unit for 912/915iS

    by » 3 months ago

    I haven't used these specifics but I am familiar with the technology. It is NOT worth moving from traditional engines to electrical ones for most missions. Aside from a loss in efficiency there is also added weight with no additional continuous horsepower. The system could let you store up energy for a few seconds to get a burst of horsepower which I guess might be useful for VTOL applications. For light airplanes there is really no use. No weight reduction or payload increase. It's good for converting a turboshaft output into propulsion like the cancelled Airbus E-fan project but not much else.

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