We are an Australian based Drone design and manufacturing company that is utilising a Rotax 915 in our smallest 200 kg payload cargo drone..(the largest of our drones will carry 2500 kg)

Our enquiry relates to getting hold of the "Interface control document" relating to the Rotax ECU Can Bus so that the Canadian based company we plan to use for the BVLOS flight control system can interface to the Rotax ECU.

Can somebody help us out on this one.

Thanking you

Rod Turner

Autono Drone


  • Re: 915 Interface control document

    by » 11 months ago

    Hi Rod

    Seems nobody wants to, or knows, how to get such a document.  Given you are based in Australia you should start with your engine supplier.  I know that currently the only drone support available from BRP has to be civilian use only so expect to answer a lot of questions about your project first.  Years ago the did have such a document that was used by instrument developers so perhaps that would help.  


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