The problem came slowly, at first after 5mn of fly, the light on the Lane A turn on and stay until the engine stop. Now the light is on full time and the engine run rough (as I know the Lane B is a spare one with degraded mode)

We connect the BUDS and read any fault and specialy one : 0x4099277D (see the pic) but impossible to find what did it mind? asking to the French importe he don't know to...

Can you help me?

Many thanks
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    by » 7 months ago

    You are looking at the live status screen and it is reporting a bad sensor reading.

    Look at the log screen to see the sensor's identity.

    The Error is a Reference Voltgage Below Range.

    The "Reading" is the value it is reading, "4099277D",  the "0x" before the number tells you that the number is Hexadecimal.

    The Map Sensors have a history of unplugging themselves because the wire harness is secured a bit too tightly.

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    Once a Lane light comes ON, it will stay ON indefinetly, until the lane is Power cycled.  ON > OFF > ON.

    The light will NOT go out on its own, even if the fault clears.  You have to reset it.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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