Any ideas on this oil sample? Iron is trenting up and now nickel! Engine seems to be running fine excepting slightly high EGTs on cylinder 3 and 4 after backing off from climb out into cruise (eco mode), which I have been watching. Very little if anything on the mag plug when this sample was taken. Running a mix of 100ll and mogas. Thanks

8298_1_Rus High Iron and Nickel.pdf (You do not have access to download this file.)
  • Re: High Nickel and Iron Oil Sample

    by » 5 months ago

    I would not be concerned as long as the filter and mag plug looked good. The lab I use has the universal average for iron at 48, and nickel at 3 for a 40 hour oil change interval on the 912is.  My last sample was 63 for iron and 3.2 for nickel, with a 52 hour change interval.  I have the newer style gearbox with the oil spray nozzle but I suspect much of the iron comes from these gears and dogs. Take the sample the same way every time, a midstream catch is the best. 

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