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    Thanks, Ken.  Yes, these are all Dynon generated timers.  I’m pretty familiar with them, but you’ll notice that they are silent on anything labeled as “ENGINE” time.  The next time I’m at the hangar I’m going to view the EMS configuration settings and see if the Van’s setting file my have labeled something as ENGINE.  Dynon is scratching their heads too and asked me to check a few things for them.

    I guess I’d float the question out to any of you that have a Dynon EMS if these timers show in your screens and how they compare?  I posted the link in my original message to the screenshot of my EMS screen so you could compare.

    Thanks for entertaining my curiosity. 

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    Bill Hertzel wrote:

    What EMS brand is this?
    If the "Engine" hours are ECU Hours, that is the Actual Engine running time.
    A Mechanical HOBBS actuated by an Oil Pressure switch is also quite accurate.
    The software HOBBS in the EMSs often is a Tach/Hobbs hybrid.
    If the Software assumes 5200 rpm is full speed and you fly mostly at 5300, the software Hobbs will outrun the ECU hours.

    I have an MGL brand EFIS that stops the HOBBS engine OFF/ Lanes ON,  but runs at 1/4 speed when the EFIS is ON and the LANES are OFF.
    It records 0.1 hrs every 24 minutes.  Crazy !!!

    I would interrogate the ECU to see if it matches what you are calling "Engine" hours.

    How do you "interrogate the ECU?"  Is there a way to get ECU hours on the panel while in flight?  PS - I fly behind a G3X Touch.

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