Hello Group
Getting close to first engine start on my 912is and looking for experience / advice.
  1. I have installed everything firewall forward per the plans and re-checked torques, tightness, etc.
  2. I have performed the "Engine" part of the Production Acceptance Procedure, which installs the fluids and purges/cleans the fuel system.
  3. I have purged the oil system as defined in SI-916i-003R1 and turned over the engine with the starter (spark plugs removed) until I got 30+ psi of oil pressure
Other than following the standard Operating Manual process for starting, is there anything else from your experience that I should do?
Thanks in advance!
  • Re: First start of 912is in RV-12

    by » 2 years ago

    If you removed the valve covers and verified there’s no air under the lifters I’d say you’re ok.  However, if you used the starter to turn the oil pump and you saw oil pressure on the EMS, it means you had at least the Lane B ignition turned on.  See page 6 of the oil purge SI.  It specifically tells you to NOT use the starter for this purpose.  With the spark plugs disconnected during turning the engine with the ignition circuits on, you risk damaging the capacitor discharge modules since the voltage build up has no place to dissipate if the spark plugs are disconnected, so the capacitors can flash over.  Someone with more experience in this area can chime in regarding the potential for damage. 

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