Hi at all,

I've an issue on starting brand new 912 is ( was store in original box for 3 years).


At first start engine running at 3 , cylinder 2 does not work , exhaust cold.

Lane a & b light became off after self test at poer up but after starting lane a remain on.


We found both injector on cyl 2 dirty.

We also made an old style check for spark plug.

With all spark plugs removed ,we check if spark was present when starter are on( engine cranking at starter speed).

All lower spark plug working fine, all upper no.

This is normal due to low rotation speed during start attempt or it is an issue?


No buds available at field unfortunately





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    It’s almost impossible for all the lower plugs to be firing and all the upper plugs not firing.  Each dual ignition coil fires one top plug on a cylinder, and a bottom plug on another at the same time.  So you would need to have four faulty ignition coils or four faulty wires for the complete top or bottom bank to be out. Like I said, almost impossible.  

    Each time a coil fires, one of the sparks happens in a cylinder in compression, the other in a cylinder in the exhaust stroke, so that spark is wasted at the cylinder in exhaust stroke. With both lanes operating you should see the top and bottom plug fire at (almost) the same time.  However, if you only had one lane active, you would not see both upper and lower plugs firing at the same time on a given cylinder.  As an example, when coil pack SP-1 fires, you would see the bottom plug on cylinder 1 fire, and the top plug of cylinder 2 at the same time. The other plug on each cylinder would fire, but on a different revolution of the engine.  

    Section 74-00-00 of the 912iS Heavy Maintenance Manual has a good system description and also a distribution diagram of the ignition coils and plug wires.  Also, check out this post for more details. Note that this post is not about the 912iS specifically, but the principles are similar in that both engines utilize four dual ignition coils and the wasted spark design.  


    If the engine was stored for three years, the most likely problem is clogged injectors, which you stated that you have already found. Others have reported this problem after storage of a new engine.  The next step would be to clean all the injectors.  

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    You can’t be clever at diagnosis without BUDS but you can have an easy try switching injector from an other cylinder.And remember the it’s not aloud to test ignition with plug at the external that’s the best way to damage the coils ant the ECU …



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    The Rotx fuel-injected engines a notorious for getting the maiden first start happening.
    The engine starts on the B Lane Only.
    Once the engine reaches 2500 for 5 seconds; the A lane is enabled.
    The first start may take 10-20 tries until it continues to Run.
    At first, you get a few intermittent firings and then it stops.
    Eventually, it will run rough for a few seconds before it stops.
    Then it will idle OK on the B lane alone until the A lane is enabled; Then it stops.
    After all that, it will idle smoothly for 5-10 seconds and then get rough and stop.
    Finally, it will start, idle, rev up, and run smoothly.
    Be patient, and just keep trying.
    It takes a while for all the air and stale factory fuel to be flushed from the Injectors.
    Way longer than you might expect.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
    Clicking the "Thank You" is Always Appreciated by Everyone.

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    Grazie Bill, 

    You are very helpfull.

    I had a call with two official rotax mech and one engineer , nobody were aware that only one line is active during start procedure and for them was an installation/electrical issue.......







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