In the latest revision of the 912iS MML, the 5-year replacement requirement for the fuel-pump assembly hoses was eliminated.  Can someone confirm if this deletion was intentional or an error?  They don’t appear to be Teflon lined, but maybe they are?

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    You have a keen eye!

    We want to clarify that the fuel pumps, being part of the airframe, are no longer required to adhere to the Rotax 5-year rubber replacement guideline specifically related to the fuel system. However, it remains important to follow the recommendations provided by the airframe manufacturer.

    To provide additional information on this matter, Rotax has issued a Service Instruction package (SI-PAC-016 R1) that includes guidance and a recommendation for changing the hoses every 5 years. However, it's worth noting that this recommendation is not obligatory. https://legacy.rotaxowner.com/si_tb_info/serviceinfo/si-pac-016-r1.pdf

    For further details regarding the replacement of rubber components in the fuel system, I recommend contacting your airframe manufacturer as they will provide the specific replacement guidelines for fuel system component intervals.

    Thank you for your attention to detail.


    Thank you said by: Bob Yanniello

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    Thank you.

    And on the subject of “a keen eye”…

    I also noticed Rotax rightfully added the requirement for replacing the rubber pad under the coolant-expansion tank every 5 years, yet they neglected to highlight the addition with a revision bar on the left-hand side of the page.  Hopefully there aren’t any other important changes that weren’t highlighted?  

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    Another good catch!

    Sometimes, you may come across discrepancies in manuals. I want to assure you that whenever we identify such discrepancies, we notify Rotax to ensure they can rectify them in the next revision of the manual.

    Thank you for bringing these discrepancies to our attention.

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    Hi All

    Just a little background on the removal of the hoses in the fuel pump modules for the iS engines.  Beginning with the type 915 and now with the type 916 the fuel pump module is not part of the certification or supply scope of a new engine from Rotax.  If you were supplied one that was because whoever sold it added it into the price.  The pumps are now a separate "accessory" from the engine.  This is the same as the intercooler on the turbo engines.  We also see radiators and other items being done in the same way.  The way it is covered is with a release of an SI-PAC, where all the information on those accessories are shown and their recommended continued airworthiness information.  

    The 912iS was done a long time ago, like 9 years I believe, and at that time the pumps were part of the engine supply.  The new way is they are now part of the accessories and all the continued airworthiness will be handled like they do with the 915 and 916 types.  The release  of the SI-PAC clearly states it covers the 912iS as well as the 915.  Yes they should have told everyone in perhaps some kind of special release but this is covered in training with iRMT technicians.  Perhaps it would be a good press release for Rotax-Owner? ...but then we would have nothing to talk about and use our "keen" eyes on.



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