Rotax says that the 915iS need at least 30 minutes with energy after failure.
But Rotax don’t mention anywhere of how much total current is in normal flight.
ECU ,EMS current etc.
Anyone that know how much effect of the battery an 915iS consume in a failure mode?
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    by » 5 years ago

    The recommended 16Ah battery will deliver ≈30 amps for 30 minutes.
    At a minimum, you will need to power one fuel pump and the ECU, ≈10Amps.
    If you intend to power the EMS and a radio or more, it will depend on your particular equipment.
    A 10Ah lithium cell may crank the engine but might not power it for 30 minutes.
    You do not have magnetos. This engine requires 12 volts to run.

    Unplug the Generators. (Simulate the Failure.)
    Start the engine, and record the battery current drain as you power your various devices.
    I would try to find a workable combination that limits the drain to 20-25 amps max.
    Do not count on the battery actually delivering the full rated capacity on the label.
    Do you feel Lucky?

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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