Hello. Had a quck search of the forum but didn't find a topic.

I am new to the 915 engine.  During taxiing recently, the Lane B light started to flash. I reset the Lane (off/on), continued to taxi, but 10 seconds or so after, it was flashing again.   My aircraft manufacturer is saying that this is completely normal and say I must have taxied with too much RPM with a cold engine.  I refute this because I always practice good engine warm up. I do not taxi until the temp is over 50 degrees.  The issue not only happened to me, but also to the instructor I tried with when he flew the aircraft a couple of weeks before me - Lane B light starts to flash while taxiing.

There is nothing I can find as yet in any Rotax manuals, or even on the Internet to say that Lane B will flash in the scenario given - revs too high, engine temp too cold. 

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks. Paul.


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